Day 4

Day four was the first all-science day of the trip. The day began at 7:30am with the usual rice, beans, eggs, and toast. About an hour later, the excitement began. The tasks for the day included following up on a past experiment, starting a new one, and breaking open our Science Activities book.
            After receiving a preview of the day from Dr. Pinto, we counted the bacteria colonies on the plates from the experiment from the day before. Dr. Pinto showed us how to analyze our data with the Vassar Stats website. After that, all the groups rotated through the lab conducting an experiment about the fungi that the ants tend to. Through the different activities, we learned more about leaf cutter ants, and how to approach our personal research. At noon we had lunch, and at 2 we reconvened to continue our all day science.
           In the afternoon we began to brainstorm our scientific ideas for our research and at 3:45, we took a break for our brain cells and for our coffee.
          We had from 4:15 to dinner to design our projects according to the scientific method and compose them into an oral presentation. After dinner, we did our presentations and received feedback from our peers and the scientists.


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