Day 9

Day 9: Today we bid a sad goodbye to Finca la Anita staff and facility (mostly Dr. Pinto,
Ibrahim and Allan, and the dogs, Corleone and Dr. Bombai). We loaded up into the vans, and headed to a different research center (close to the beach!) that we are going to be based out of while we start research work on sea turtles while they are laying eggs.

Got to the compound (Research Center Horizontes) a little earlier than expected, so they weren't prepared for us, which means straight to the presentation and pizza for lunch.

From there we headed out on a trail to observe and take notes on a tree dwelling ant (Pseudomyrmex sp.).  This kept us not completely bored while we waited for dinner. Tonight, we head to the beach where we will patrol the shore most of the night watching for any female sea turtles that are coming up to lay egss. We hope to be able to collect some data, and have some fun.
This is Luke, logging off to take a phat nap. goodbye my dudes. (Pictures of the beach to follow soon, stay tuned).


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