Day 3

July 28 (day 3)

Today was our first day of field science!  We woke up to a wonderful breakfast as usual, but alas, no monkeys were spotted; hopes remain high.   After breakfast, Dr. Pinto explained we would be digging up the Atta colonies for their fungus gardens.  As we went out into the cacao field to find the mounds, it began to rain, so we were forced to wait.  The rain stopped after a few minutes and we continued. My team only found one fungus garden, but there were teams who found up to 3 separate gardens. Then we went back to eat lunch (it was also amazing).  After that, it was finally time for ZIP-LINING!  Because our group is so large, we had to separate into two groups.  I was in the first group, so we set out in the van with our driver, Christian.  The guides there were some of the most funny and knowledgeable guys we've met. We came back and were treated to a delicious ham-dinner.  Then it was back to the classroom.  Dr. Pinto explained what we would be doing and we followed the instructions.  We finished our experiments around 9 and headed back to the cabins.


  1. So happy you guys were able to do this! Tell Dr. Pinto and Pablo's family I said HOLA!

    - Isabella

    P.s. Luke speaks Spanish, make him practice.


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