Day 2

July 27 (day 2)
    We awoke to another delicious meal before going on a short hike to become better acquainted with the rain forest. We took multiple pictures and all of us got a little wet, with a few of us getting drenched. It seems like wetness is a permanent condition here in the rain forest. Who would have guessed a rain forest would be so wet? Finca La Anita is also a cacao plantation, and Pablo took us on a super informative tour of the farm. We learned all about the history and different varieties of cacao, and tasted some of the Finca's best product. After lunch we all hiked with Ana to the village, Colonia Libertad, and participated in a community service project by helping clean up a local park. We then met Dr. Pinto and began to dig into the science part of our expedition. So far we have been sorted into groups, and have picked our group names! Tomorrow we expect to collect several specimens of Atta, and a few samples of Acromyrmex from the rain forest to begin our research.


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