Day 5

Day 5, we ate  breakfast and then took a car to go horseback riding and later time to work on our projects and finishing with a cooking class at a local restaurant in the town. The horseback ride was split into two groups, one who left earlier in the morning and one who left around 11:30. Both groups rode with the man who runs Finca La Anita, Pablo. Pablo was the guide on both and taught beginning riders some tips on their first ride and rode with each tour making the rides very fun. After the horseback ride, both groups ate lunch and then met in the science room at 2pm for our afternoon of science. We met with our groups to discuss more about our ideas for our project and this was our real first day of collecting and taking action in the tasks and ideas we had laid out to the instructors the night before. Along with that, we took a look at our fungus growth and identified which had the kind of evidence we were looking for. This was an experiment that we would be testing throughout the week. At 6pm we rode into the village and met a woman and her husband and daughter who taught us how to cook a traditional Costa Rican dinner traditionally from the Caribbean side of Costa Rican cuisine. After a thorough lesson in cooking and making tortillas and cheese, we ate our meal and had a small dance party. At the end of the day we returned to Finca La Anita and headed straight to bed.


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