Day 7

Day 7: Today was pure science. We started the day at our normal time (7:30), then everyone got to work. We had to continue our projects and check our escovopsis. It was a long day of work. Projects came together, fell apart, and then came together again. Some teams ended up working late into the night and had to quit when Dr. Pinto, Adrian, and Ibrahim kicked them out at 11:00. But--if you have to work really hard, this is a beautiful place to do it!

          Christian's team worked on determining how sound affects the ants.

Lucas's team tested how different forms of grapefruits repel ants.

Drew and his team analyzed the temperature of the vents in the Atta columbica colonies close to the cabins.

Luke, obviously working hard here, worked on how leaf-cutter ants handle standing water and whether or not it could be used as a deterrent.

Clara and her team studied the effects of light on the ants. 
Anna's team analyzed fast-growing bacteria on both sheep and non-sheep ants.


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